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Darío Figueroa is a designer that codes with a passion for empowering people. Currently based out of San Antonio and designing money movement experiences at Frost Bank.

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Scheduled Zelle Payments


We opted in to a series of Zelle features that would allow users to set up payments in advance and create recurring series. For this to be accomplished, I needed to rethink the architecture to allow for this new functionality.


The previous experience only allowed users to make a one-time payment for today's date. We had previously built the experiences for transfers and bill payments couldn't support all the frequency options we needed here.


After exploring numerous iterations and researching competitors, we created a flow that changed for each frequency option.

Furthermore, to keep users from feeling overwhelmed, I worked with our content strategy team to provide some helper text throughout the experience to break out chunks of the experience and give more insight into what we were asking.


TBD. Early research indicates a faster time on task and increased success rate.