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Darío Figueroa is a designer that codes with a passion for empowering people. Currently based out of San Antonio and designing money movement experiences at Frost Bank.

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Dark Mode


Frost users provided ample feedback that the mobile app was blinding when monitoring their finances later in the evening and night and questioning why we were behind other apps in supporting dark mode.

In response to the overwhelming feedback and to meet market parity, I worked with the mobile Product Owner and dev teams to establish guidelines and principles while leading the design implementation.

Screenshots of the Frost Dark Mode app laid side by side on iPhones.


We were working within a fixed color palette and needed to utilize what colors Marketing had already approved.

Furthermore as a Zelle partner, we needed to provide screens for the entire experience in dark mode as we were the first of their partners to adopt dark mode.


The solution included providing developers an alternate appearance to each of the components found in Frost's Aurora design system and writing up a series of guidelines and principles around this new theme to fill the gaps where the element in question was not a part of the design system.


60% adoption rate

Positive reception from customers in the App Store and Play Store